Go to Account Manager and click on the Managers link on the left-hand side. Then click on the ‘Add New Manager’ button. Under Account Settings insert the new managers ID and password (note that the ID can be the same as the manager’s name). In the Contact Details area enter the manager’s name and their email address. Finally assign the required ‘account permissions’ to the manager by ticking the appropriate boxes.

When an account has Managers set up, users will continue to use the same account username as everyone else or they can use their own individual email address as their username. If they use a username when signing in, then they will need to pick their own ID from the dropdown menu that will appear under the ‘Username’ box once the username has been entered.

They will then enter the password which is specific to that Manager’s ID. The main account holder should choose ‘Admin’ as their drop-down option and continue to use the original password.

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