If you are VAT registered, you will need to enter your details. To do this simply click o t the account manager tab at the top of the page, then select the accounting tab on the left-hand side banner and click ‘Accounting’ then the VAT Settings tab.

Confirm that you are registered by selecting the ‘VAT registered’ tick box and entering your VAT number. If you have recently applied for your VAT registration you can select the ‘VAT registration pending’ tick box then enter the date of your registration.

You can then select the Icephorm pricing option. This allows you to choose whether the VAT will vary depending on the buyer’s location or if it will stay as one fixed price for all locations.

If you are selling items with a reduced VAT rate, please select this ‘reduced rate VAT applicable tick box’ and enter the reduced rate in the text box below. If you are unsure on the standard EU VAT rates you can view these by clicking the ‘View applicable EU VAT rates’ link at the bottom on the page

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