The account administrator can assign more than one person to use their Icephorm account and give each of these managers their dedicated account permissions. See ‘How to Add Additional Managers’. The account permissions are as follows:

  • Dashboard: Includes access to Sales Dashboard page.
  • Listings Manager: Gives access to all the tabs under Listings Manager. This includes; Create A New Listing, Active Listings, Draft Listings, Pending Listings, Unsold Items, Unsaved Items, Attribute Library and Related Items. In addition, the Listings Manager option will give partial access to the Promotions section in case the manager wants to check there status e.g. pricing information, but they will not be able to create promotions or vouchers.
  • Selling Options: Allows managers to set and adjust default category options such as listing currency, stock location as well as shipping profiles and options.
  • Manage Shop: Gives access to Your Shop page. Gives permission to edit Your Shop page.
  • Communications: Allows access to Messages, Feedback and Reviews.
  • Processing sales: Allows access to the Sales page including all sales (Open and Completed) but not permission to mark orders as paid.
  • Payment Status: Allows managers to mark orders as paid i.e. click the ‘Mark as Paid’ option. Please note that you will need to have ‘Sales Order Processing’ permission in order for the ‘Change Payment Status’ to work.
  • Access Accounting: Allows access to Icephorm Fees, Fees Currency, Change Invoice Day and Change Tariff tabs as well as access to Getting Paid tab under Account Settings. 
  • Edit Profile: Allows access to Edit Profile tab under Account Settings. Please note that anyone who is allowed to access this page will be able to change the admin manager’s email address.
  • Email Preferences: Allows access to email notifications and preferences under Account Settings’ Emails tab.
  • Promotions: Allows managers to create and amend their company’s own promotions as well as vouchers and add items to Icephorm promotions.
Please note that all users will have access to the Help and Information area.

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