Within the Promotions page you will find three tabs: Scheduled, Active and Expired. These tabs are for the scheduled, active and expired promotions that you have joined. In each of the tabs, you will be able to view the dates and status of the promotion, the number of items included in each promotion and the number of items sold through the promotion. This quick overview will help you understand how well the promotion is working for you and if you should consider adding more items.

You can use the following icons on the promotional pages to quickly action things:

Sale info icon: gives you information on sales to date, how many items you have sold, the status of the promotion etc.

Share Promotion icon; allows you to share the promotional link with your followers on your chosen social media platform.

Edit icon; allows you to edit your promotion/voucher.

Duplicate icon: allows you to duplicate the promotion, for example if you wish to promote it in a different currency.

Join icon; allows you to join the promotion.

Delete icon; allows you to delete the promotion.

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