Sellers should use new packaging to send their items to the buyers.

Items should be shipped within the timescale specified by the seller under Shipping Terms in the Terms and Policies section.

When sending items abroad, the seller needs to provide the following information:

  • Full name and address information of the sender and recipient
  • Content information: give an accurate description and quantity of the goods in English e.g., ‘women’s cotton shirt, 2 pcs’
  • The weight of each item in kilograms
  • The value (including currency) of each good, e.g., EUR 48.60
  • The total weight of the item(s)
  • The total value of the item(s) - including currency
  • Country of origin of the item(s)
  • Icephorm's IOSS number
  • Product HS Code(s)
  • A copy of Icephorm’s invoice as this shows whether or not Icephorm has collected the VAT. Each package from a partial shipment must also include a copy of Icephorm’s invoice for the full order.
Seller should provide the buyer any relevant tracking information on the shipping by going to the Sales page. On this page, locate the item(s) that you wish to ship, click on the Shipping button and then, on the Shipping Details page, select the item(s) you wish to ship. At the bottom of the page, include the tracking information.

For cross-border returns, sellers will need to check with their courier how best to handle this to ensure that any duty paid can be recovered by the courier.  Normally, buyers should use the same shipping company that the seller used originally when sending the item(s).  Please ensure that when accepting a return you provide clear instructions to the buyer as to what method they should use for returning the item.

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