Once payment is received for an item(s), Icephorm receive an amount net of the merchant’s transaction fees (Stripe). We deduct our commission fees and any VAT we have had to collect on your behalf, and then place the balance into "Escrow" (where we hold the amount on trust for you). Once the item(s) are marked as shipped, we then continue to hold the Escrow amount on your behalf until sufficient time has elapsed to allow for both the delivery of the item(s) and for the buyer to instigate a return (the "Escrow Period"). Trading history is also taken into account when determining the escrow period.

This allows Icephorm to deal with returns and refunds more easily as we will still be holding the Escrow balance plus any VAT collected in addition to our fees, all of which would need to be refunded in this situation.

After the end of this Escrow Period, the Escrow amount is released into your Stripe account, unless the buyer has asked to return the item(s). You can see the current balance we hold in Escrow on your behalf, together with the details of the next expected payment to your Stripe account at the top of your Sales Dashboard.

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