Icephorm provides a standard set of Product Attributes and Variants for each Attribute. You can however, also create your own Custom Variants which will appear on your listings.

Custom Variants cannot be used to filter results when someone is browsing the site, but can be useful if you find the standard Icephorm variants do not quite fit with your item. 

You can add your custom variants associated with your Attribute e.g. silk, cotton or linen by clicking on the Add Variant button under the Variant Table section. Input the variant name in the Variant Name text box then click on the tick to confirm the name. Once you have added all the variants you would like, click on the Create button at the bottom of the page.

Note that you can only delete custom attributes if they have not been related to any listings. However, you can de-activate a custom attribute that you no longer need by clicking on the power symbol on the left-hand side of the attribute name. Existing listings under this attribute will still appear but the attribute will be removed from your product attributes and variants section on the Listings Manager page.

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