Icephorm’s Pre-Loved Collection items are listed as either auction or buy now items.

‘Buy Now’ gives you the chance to buy an item immediately. You can buy an item when you want it, at a set price, and without waiting for an auction listing to end.

Purchasing Pre-loved Collection items is easy and safe, however here are some tips that you can follow to ensure that your bidding and purchasing experience goes smoothly.

There are often great bargains to be had, but always be aware if the item you are planning to buy sounds too good to be true, as chances are, it probably is!

  • Read the product description carefully and pay attention to any photos supplied, in both cases and in particular if there are any faults, differentiations or variations mentioned, take time to consider your purchase.
  • If you have any questions regarding the item that you are planning to purchase, contact the seller beforehand. It is in the seller’s interest to give every customer a good buying experience and at Icephorm we encourage fluid and easy communication between buyer and seller. Decide how much you are prepared to pay for the product before you start bidding.
  • It is worth using special delivery services when purchasing more valuable items.
  • After the item listing is over, if you have won the item, you’ll then need to pay for the item via Stripe. We also encourage you to leave feedback once the purchase is complete to aid sellers and future buyers.

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