Listing Details 

To List an item, click on your account manager and select listings manager from the left-hand side column. Then click the ‘create listing’ button at the top of the page. This will open the create listing page. Follow the help info below for each section.

Sellers must only list items that they have in stock and the right to sell, this includes not creating overpriced listings as ‘placeholders’.

Listing Details


  • Write a descriptive headline for the item, such as “Classic peacoat”.
Short Description

  • Should you wish to be more precise with the title, you can add a bit more in this section, for example: “Available in various colours”.
Long Description

  • In the description field you are encouraged to be very precise about the item; write down for example which season the item is from, what the material is, the measurements, share your styling tips and so on.
Product Categories

  • Pick the most accurate categories for your item in to allow potential buyers to find them more easily. Items must be listed under the correct category as this has implications for VAT treatment.
Product Attributes & Variants

  • Item Attributes define standard settings for your item, and they help the buyers to identify and order the correct item. Choose different attributes, such as size, material and available colours and then define the variants for each available option.
  • Please note that the attributes cannot be altered once the listing has been published.
  • If you want to add an new attribute click on the ‘add new attribute’ option on the drop down menu. Then follow the instructions on the page for adding a new attribute.

  • To start with select if you would like to add one or more photos of your item e.g. each colour of the item that you are selling or if you wish to show just one standard photo. If you have photos of all the available colours, choose ‘Yes’ by the ‘Use photos specific to each variant for one of your selected attributes?’ section. If you only have one photo for all the different items, then choose ‘no’.
  • Then select ‘colour’ from the drop-down menu next to the ‘please select the attribute you would like to use’.
  • Share clear images of the item: take pictures of the front, back and details. It is preferable to take the images in front of a simple background, such as a white wall, or lying flat on top of a white sheet.
  •  Your first photo will be the default image for your listing. If you chose various variants in the Product Attributes and Variants section, you should now include at least one variant photo. For example, if you chose blue, red and yellow colour options, you need to add at least one photo showcasing the variants.
Price and VAT  
  • Select the currency you wish to use when listing the item.
  • Insert the price for the item, excluding VAT. Note, the minimum amount is £1.
Product Codes

  • You can enter an optional product code to identify your product. This may be a Universal Product Code (UPC) or your own internal product code. You can also use multiple product codes or choose not to use product codes for your listings.

Stock Control

  • In stock control you can select which of the items you wish to publish by ticking on the tick box next to the item. You will then need to press the ‘Create Stock List’ button. Add the quantity for each variant item that you wish to publish. You can also alter the price for each variant if you wish. Once you have added your data press the ‘Back to Stock Control’ button.
Listing Period

  • You can either start the listing immediately or delay it depending on your preferences. The default is set to start the listing immediately, however if you untick the ‘start immediately’ box you can adjust the start time. The Auto Relisting is automatically set to ‘Relist Until Sold’. This means that the listing will automatically renew every 30 days. You can choose to switch this ‘Off’ using the drop-down menu. In this instance, the item will not be re-listed after 30 days.


  • Choose from the drop-down menu the country that you are shipping the item from.
  • When you list your first item on Icephorm you will need to select where you are shipping from using the drop-down menu. Then select if you wish to offer reduced postage for additional items. Then select where you want to ship your item to from your drop-down list. After this you will need to input the cost of shipping per item in the shipping charge box and a charge per additional item if you have selected this option. Alternatively, you can tick the Free Shipping option if you do not wish to charge for shipping. The international premium option allows you to add your chosen percentage to the sale price in order to cover for any additional duty when shipping abroad. If you wish to add additional shipping destination, click on the Add Another Destination link. Once you press Publish, a pop-up box will appear asking you to name your shipping profile. Give the profile a name (minimum of 10 characters). You can use this profile in the future without having to fill in the shipping details again.
  • Choose one of your predefined shipping profiles from your drop-down list or create a new profile. If you select, ‘create a new profile’ select the destination you want to ship to from the drop-down menu. You can add more than one destination by clicking on the ‘add another destination’ button. Insert shipping charges for the item(s). On publishing the listing, you will be given the option to save the new profile for future listings. Any changes made to existing profiles will be automatically updated in all listings that use the same profile.
Shipping and Duty Summary

  • The table summarise your chosen shipping destination(s), shipping charges (unless you have selected 'free delivery'), as well as international premium. International premium is calculated and added to the sale price for the region to allow the seller to cover for any additional duty.
Sellers are responsible for setting delivery charges at reasonable rates for the service provided.  Overcharging for delivery services could have a detrimental effect on the businesses and brands for both the seller and Icephorm Limited.

Shipping Options

  • Select yes or no to confirm if you wish to offer reduced postage for additional items. Please note, if you choose ‘no’ the ‘per additional item’ area stays greyed out in the ‘Shipping Options’ section.
 Terms & Policies

  • State clearly what your Shipping Terms and Returns Policy options are. Under Shipping Terms, describe how the items are shipped, and on what timeline. In the Returns Policy section, describe under what conditions customers can return purchased items and what your refund policy is. Be very specific to avoid any possible confusion after a purchase has been made.
Once you have completed this page, click “Publish” to move directly to publishing the listing, or “Preview” to see how your listing will look once published. You may also save the listing as a draft and return later to finalise the information. For example, if you need to take more pictures or measurements and so on.

When you choose to publish the item for sale, you will first need to agree to the terms mentioned on the next page. Once you are happy with everything, publish the item. 


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