Icephorm protects the privacy of all registered and guest users on the site.

We are committed to providing users with the utmost in privacy and security.

We abide by all industry guidelines and consistently monitor our management and operating methods in order to maintain our valued reputation and integrity.  We ensure security and protection of collected information, by ensuring that all employees are aware of our security policy and practices.  Web security is constantly reviewed.  Icephorm’s access to the information is limited and only obtained through codenames and passwords.

Any deliberate loss, misuse, or alteration of information is prohibited and followed by appropriate action including possible termination of employment.

This is our promise to our users.


Personal Information and Third Parties

We do not collect any special category data and collect only personal data which is required for the purposes of running your Icephorm account.

We ask all standard users to enter their date of birth as part of the registration process.  This information is only used to confirm that the user is over the age of 18.  The date of birth is deleted once the registration process has been completed.  We also ask standard users to select a gender, however this is only used to provide a default profile avatar and is not compulsory.

In the case of a Limited Company, we display the registered office address, place of registration, registration number and VAT number on the company’s shop page and listings in accordance with UK Company Law.

In the case of all other sellers, we display the city and country associated with your account, but no further information.

We do not share any other personal information with third parties, other than where you expressly provide permission; or where details are required by law, or as part of a contract.  For example, if you buy or sell something, the seller/buyer is provided with your name and address.


We use the Cloudinary service for storing images uploaded to the site.  As part of this, Cloudinary access details about the type of browser and screen resolution of any device you use to view the site in order to ensure that images are served to you at the most appropriate resolution for your device (maximising download speeds).  They also access your IP address in order to determine the closest server to your location, again for speed.

Twilio (Business Users Only)

Business users must enter a verified mobile telephone number.  To verify the telephone number, we pass your telephone number to Twilio who handle verification for us.  We do not provide them with any other data about your account.


We use Stripe for payment processing on the website. 

Before you can sell through Icephorm, you will need to have a Stripe account.  In order to make the sign up process easier, we pass your Icephorm details to Stripe to allow them to pre-fill your Stripe account details.

In order to handle checkout, we provide Stripe with the Stripe account identifier for the seller, together with your chosen shipping destination and details of the items ordered.  We do not access payment data, although we do request address details from Stripe for guest checkout and use that to pre-populate our database.

Microsoft Azure and Google Translate

These are third party tools we use to automatically translate listings on the website.  For this service, we only pass the details entered for each item (no personal information is submitted to their service).


Use of Images

We reserve the right to use images uploaded to the site for promotional purposes.


Marketing and Promotional Emails

Marketing and other promotional emails are only sent to users whom have provided their express permission to do so.

If you wish to change permissions for marketing and other promotional emails, you can do this within your Account Settings.  Each marketing and promotional email also includes a specific link in the footer of the email to allow you to opt-out of similar emails in the future.

Icephorm also sends out a range of other emails to registered users, as follows:

General Notifications

Sent when you make a sale or purchase; to keep you informed about the current price on auctions you have created or bid upon; and to notify you whenever you receive a message from another user on the website.

There are also a range of emails relating to the security of your account such as change of details; along with further account related emails such as invoicing.

These emails form an essential part of buying and selling on the site and cannot be disabled.

Watched Item Notifications (Standard Users Only)

Sent when one of your Wish List or Favourite items is nearing the end of a listing, or when it is relisted and available to buy again.  You can limit the number of these emails by removing items once you have purchased them or are no longer interested in them.

New Items for Sale

Sent when an item which matches one of your selected 'Keyword Watches' is available to purchase or bid on.  You can limit the number of these emails, by carefully fine tuning the settings under Alerts in your Account Manager.


Email Security

In order to ensure that any emails you receive are in fact from Icephorm, we ALWAYS include your full registered name (as per your profile) at the top of the email, and the footer always includes the full name and address of the website.

All emails sent from the site are sent using email addresses in the form (hover on the From address to check that this has not been faked).

If you are in any doubt about the validity of an email from Icephorm, please use a browser to access the website directly and login to your account, rather than clicking on an email link.


Use of Cookies

Cookies are a small bit of code stored in your browser and are used by Icephorm to verify your identification when making bids or listing items for sale.

Icephorm uses a range of Essential Cookies, in order to ensure that you enjoy the best experience of the site.  For example, these essential cookies enable us to keep track of whether you are logged into the website, which categories and filters you have most recently applied to results, as well as language and currency settings.  Any cookies which are linked directly to your Icephorm account are removed from your browser when you log out of the website.

Icephorm also allows for a range of optional Analytics Cookies to help with planning the business and tracking how users actually use the website (to help develop a better user experience).  We use the following Analytics Cookies:

Google Analytics

Used by Icephorm to allow us to determine whether the website is fit for purpose.  This includes tracking your IP address as you move around the site so that we can determine what brings users to the website and how they navigate the website, plus an idea of which countries in the World we appeal to.  Types of device and browser used to access the website are also tracked, so that we can spot potential issues around compatibility.

Pinterest Analytics

This is a social media tool, used by Pinterest to let us know where their Pinterest share button appears and how many times it is clicked.  Without this particular cookie you will not see a Pinterest share link on listing pages.

When you first visit the website, you are asked to confirm whether or not you agree to our use of Analytics Cookies.

If you wish to change your consent to any of the above cookies, you will need to open your browser and clear ALL cookies used on  This is a browser setting and the method for making these changes depends on the browser and device being used.  If you remove the Essential Cookies, then you can browse the site, but will be unable to log into the site to make purchases.


Messages from Other Users

To help arbitrate disputes and preserve trust and safety, we retain all messages sent between buyers and sellers on our website until both parties delete the message.  For your protection, we recommend that you only communicate through our website messaging service.  If you feel that any message received is inappropriate, or offensive, please use the Contact Us form on Icephorm’s website to report the issue and include the name of the other user, so that we can review the messages and take action if required.

In order to assist users, Icephorm have the ability to view all messages sent using the site’s built-in messaging service.


Right to be Forgotten

Icephorm believes in the inherent right of users to exercise their Right to be Forgotten.  This is different to the right to close your account and deletion of personal information.

If you wish to exercise your Right to be Forgotten, you will need to contact Icephorm directly and may be asked to provide evidence of identity.

Under the Right to be Forgotten, if you have not made any sales or purchases through Icephorm, we will delete your account and all details we hold on the database about you.  However, in the case of sales and purchases, we will anonymise the information (so that buyers/sellers can still access their side of a transaction and any messages with you).


Account Closure and Deletion of Information

Icephorm adopts various time limits to the retention of data.


Unsaved Edits to Listings

These are automatically deleted after two weeks.


Unconfirmed User Registrations

If you register on Icephorm, but fail to confirm your registration, then we will delete all details we hold about you after 18 months.


Guest Accounts

If you use Icephorm as a guest, but do not complete a purchase, leave a question or send a message, then we will delete all details we hold about you after 7 days.


Account Closure

This depends upon the type of user account you have.  We initially only de-activate your account and any items you have listed for sale will continue to run but will not be re-listed.  Your details are retained on the system for two years after we de-activate your account.

  • Standard Accounts: We will de-activate your account as soon as you ask us to.
  • Business Trial Accounts: We will de-activate your account as soon as you ask us to.
  • Business Accounts: We will de-activate your account as soon as your existing contract comes to an end.

Correct and Update Information

Personal information collected through the website may be corrected or updated through various methods.  All information may be updated by editing your profile once logged onto the site, or by contacting Icephorm staff either through e-mail or postal mail.

To receive written confirmation of this change, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to our mailing address which can be found on our website.


Notification of Changes to This Policy

In the event that there is a change to this Policy, all registered users that have logged into Icephorm’s website during the previous six months will be contacted via their e-mail address on record.  If this e-mail address is not valid, a written notice will be sent to the postal address on record.

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