How To Use Product Attributes

Product attributes help buyers to identify and order the correct item.

Product Attributes allow you to offer a single item with a number of Variants such as size and/or colour. Buyers can then select the Variant they require from your available stock.

A maximum of 4 Attributes per listing is permitted. Attributes cannot be altered once a listing has been published.

As well as Icephorm's pre-defined Attributes you can also create your own library. You can rename and edit the values of these, however if you rename an Attribute the change will be applied to ALL of your listings. Please note that user defined Variants and Attributes can only have a maximum of 20 characters. The pre-defined Attributes available depend on the chosen category.

First select the required Attribute(s) and then complete the Stock Control Table below to define your items' Variants and the quantity available for each one.

Some attributes allow you to use a different set of photos for each Variant. You can select which variant will be used to differentiate photos in the Photos section below.

Once you have published your listing, you will be unable to alter the product attributes.

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