How to Use Custom Variants

Icephorm provides a standard set of Product Attributes and Variants for each Attribute. You can however, also create your own Custom Variants which will appear on your listings.

Custom Variants cannot be used to filter results when someone is browsing the site, but can be useful if you find the standard Icephorm variants do not quite fit with your item. If you feel that the list of Icephorm Variants needs expanding to cover items you sell, then please Contact Us.

You can also re-order your Custom Variants to help make them easier to find when selling an item or when offering a choice to the buyer. Simply click on the arrows at the start of each row and drag the row into the position you want. You cannot change the order of Icephorm Variants.

You can only delete Custom Variants which have not been used for any listings. However, you can de-activate custom variants which you no longer need. Inactive Variants are still shown on listings which have been created using those attributes, but are no longer shown as an option in Create Listing

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