Icephorm’s Pre-Loved Collection items are listed as either auction or buy now items. 

  • Buy Now items
To buy a Buy Now item from a seller on Icephorm Pre-Loved, simply complete the online checkout process. Once completed, your order will be processed and shipped by the seller.

  • Auction items
To buy an item via auction items find an item you would like to buy and bid for that item. To do this simply click ‘bid’ next to the item. Then once the auction has finished the highest bidder will receive the item. If you win the item, you must pay for the item as soon a s possible and within 14 days. 

  • Auction items with buy now
To buy an item via buy now the item you would like to buy must have this function enabled. If it is enabled, click the ‘buy now’ button to purchase the item. If somebody places a bid for the item, the buy now option will disappear, and the item will revert to the auction system.

  • Auction items with reserve price
To buy an item with a reserve price you must place a bid higher than the reserve price. If your bid is not high enough for the reserve price, you will receive an email notification and asked if you want to increase your bid to purchase the item. There will also be a notification on the screen after you have placed a bid saying that the bid did not meet the reserve price. 

A bid or purchase on Icephorm Pre-Loved is considered a contract and you are obliged to purchase the item unless the seller is willing to cancel the transaction. To contact the seller, go to My Bag page and click on the Contact Seller link.

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