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Read through this page to find out how to edit your account. Learn how to edit your profile, change your language settings or update your email preferences.



#Q#How do I close my account?  

Should you wish to close your account, please go to the Account Manager page and select Account Settings on the left-hand side. After this, click on the Close Account tab on the Account Settings page. Fill in the details requested. Your account will the be closed immediately.

You will still be able to sign in to your account and access your sales and orders, but you will not be able to sell or purchase any items. Any live listings that you may have on the site will continue to run, however they will not be relisted. We will keep your account details on our system for 2 years. Please contact Icephorm customer services if you wish to re-activate your account.

#Q#How do I edit my profile? 

You can edit your profile by clicking on your account manager and selecting account settings from the left-hand side menu and clicking on the edit profile tab. Form here, you can change your personal, contact and address details. You can also change your security questions, date format preferences and user image.  

#Q#How do I change my email preferences? 

You can edit you email refences by clicking on your account manager, then selecting account settings from the left-hand side menu, then clicking on the email tab. From here you can edit your notification preferences and change your preferred email language 

#Q#How do I change my password?  

You can change your password by clicking on your account manager and selecting account settings from the left-hand side menu then clicking on the change password tab. From here enter your current password to authenticate your account then create your new password and click change password.  

#Q# How do I disconnect my Stripe account from Icephorm?

To disconnect your Stripe account from Icephorm. Sign in to your Stripe account. On your Stripe Dashboard select Settings and then click on Authorized Applications under Business Settings. After this click on the Revoke Access button. 


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