We offer a positive feedback system; the ratings are therefore calculated as follows:

  • Positive feedback rating = 1 point
  • Neutral feedback rating= 0.5 points
  • Negative feedback rating = 0 points
These are calculated by taking the total value of points for the month and dividing them by the number of sold items with feedback in the same period. Here is an example:

If from 100 sales in one month, you have received 90 feedbacks, of which, 70 are positive, 10 neutral and 10 negative, you would have a total of 75 points (= 70 x 1 point, 10 x 0.5 points and 10 x 0 points). You would then divide this figure by 90 (x100 for %). This will give you a feedback rating of 83.3%.

The ratings calculations on your account are updated as soon as new feedback is received.


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