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This page contains all the information you need to manage the listings on your personal account.




#Q#How many items can I sell in a month?  

You can sell up to 10 items with no insertion fee/month. If you exceed your monthly listing allowance, there will be an extra fee per listing. The fee is displayed on the Listings Manager page under ‘Listing Period’.

#Q#How do I know who to ship my Pre-Loved product to? 

You will get a notification email from Icephorm once the buyer has paid for their item. This email will give you all the details on who to send your product to. You can also view this information in Account Manager under Sales.

#Q#How do I increase my item’s visibility on Pre-Loved landing page?  

To increase your item's visibility on the Pre-Loved landing page, tick the Pre-Loved landing page appearance option on the Listings Manager page. Please note that this is a chargeable option and the price is clearly shown next to the tick box. 

#Q#How do I cancel a Sale? 

It is only possible to cancel an order if the payment has not been received. However, before doing this, we recommend you fully read the following:

We strongly recommend contacting the buyer to discuss the issue before cancelling any order. Cancelling an order is final and cannot be undone.

To cancel the order, find the order on your Sales page and click on the Cancel button. You will then need to select a reason and then choose either Cancel or Cancel & Relist. After cancellation, the order will be moved to the 'All' tab for your future reference. An email confirmation will be sent to you and the buyer and the commission fee will be refunded. If you have chosen not to relist, then the listing will also be credited back to you.

#Q#How do I edit the information on the item that I am selling?  

To edit the information on an item you are selling, go to Account Manager and click on Listings Manger on the left-hand panel. Then click on Active Items and find the item that you wish to edit. Click on the ‘Edit Listing’ button. Make your edits and then finish by pressing the ‘Update’ button at the bottom of the screen. 

#Q#How does Icephorm Invoicing work? 

Icephorm will invoice you once a month on the date that you first registered your account. You will receive an email notification with your latest charges of the month.

The fees can be paid via Stripe and the email will have a ‘Pay Your Invoice’ button which will direct you to the Icephorm Fees page. Alternatively, you can access it by going to Account Manager/Accounting and selecting Icephorm Fees tab.

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