Pre-Loved Seller’s Considerations


Icephorm does not take any legal title of the items being sold.

When purchased items are shipped, the seller must confirm this using the Shipping function in the Account Manager’s Sales section. The buyer will then receive a Shipping Confirmation email.


Pre-Loved (private/non-business) sellers should be aware that when exporting items, the buyer may be asked to pay VAT and/or duty on the shipped items. Although this is not the responsibility of the seller, you may still find that you are occasionally asked questions relating to this by the buyer.

Returns & Refunds

All returns must be confirmed through your Account Manager, Sales page.

When items are being returned from overseas, there is a procedure known as Returned Goods Relief that prevents additional import VAT and duty having to be paid. However, it is important that the buyer indicates this at the time of dispatch back to the seller.

Sales to Switzerland

As a Pre-Loved (non-business) seller it is highly unlikely that you would ever reach the Swiss import VAT threshold. However, you need to be aware that there are implications should you be deemed to be trading as a business (this is usually based on the number and value of transactions). If you believe there is a possibility that this is the case, we recommend seeking independent advice. 

Swiss Based Pre-Loved (Private) Sellers

Unfortunately, at the moment, Swiss based Pre-Loved (private) sellers are not permitted to sell their items on Icephorm due to the complexities and expense of meeting the Swiss digital services regulations. For clarification, Swiss business sellers, non-Swiss business sellers and non-Swiss Pre-Loved (private) sellers may sell to Switzerland.

Last updated: November 2021

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